Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today, I've realized that my happiness should not depend on any particular person. I should not become person centric. In such a case, it causes a lot of hurt if the person around whom I was centered, suddenly feels like drifting away. What I've also realized is that I should not give away all my secrets & resources to anybody for that matter. Its not worth it. When the person gets someone better and cheaper to do that same work, I could be totally thrown out of the entire situation.. shocked and hurt, when the other person starts preferring someone else. It really really hurts to see someone very close getting the donkey work done from me and giving the cheese to someone else..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My learnings from Zen Habits.

I have been reading the tweets from zen_habits regularly. I have learnt the following things which I plan to implement:
  1. If I work less, then, I can focus on creating quality on whatever less time I spend working on.
  2. I need to pull off all distractions while I'm working on that 1 quality assignment / goal.
  3. I don't need to be busy to show others that I am busy.
  4. Its not always necessary to invent some extra ordinary thing. I can just create something which can add value to others.
  5. As Leo writes: It should be about creating something new, giving birth to something of beauty, of inspiration, of joy, of wonder, of laughter, of wisdom.
  6. Leo also mentions about How to do less by having fewer meetings, cutting back on non-essential commitments, cutting back distractions, saying no to requests, Single-task and focus, killing everything which is blocking my focus - like mobiles, internet, etc., setting a limit on how many quality things will I do each day, setting limits on my work hours.
  7. The crux of the teaching is that I should do less, but do it with Utmost Quality and it should make a difference in people's lives.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Power of Cash Purchases.

I recently bought a Samsung LCD TV. With my resolution of not getting
into debts and not using my Credit Cards, this time, I bought it on
Cash. I was amazed at the discounts I was offered just because I was
buying in Cash. I finally got the best deal with a double cash
discount + offer discount + 50 DVDs free with the TV. And the best
part is that I don't have to worry about any EMIs or Credit Card
Outstanding. I've learnt that Cash purchases puts the ball on the
buyers side and helps me get the BEST DEALS.

Notions, Judgements & Opinions.

I've learnt that with more and more bad experiences with banks,
government organizations and utility companies, my patience threshold
has really gone for a toss. To the extent that I am creating false
judgements and opinions about the good experiences also. I recently
happened to receive my Hypothecation letter from HDFC Bank after I pre-
closed my car loan with them. Without reading the entire document, I
made a judgement that the documents are insufficient for me to go
ahead with the car registration procedures. Then, at a later time, I
actually happened to go through the entire document and to my
surprise, everything needed for the registration process was enclosed
with it. So, what I learnt is that I shouldn't make wrong notions,
judgements or opinions about anyone without going deep into the
matter. Can't believe I have become conditioned to bad experiences.
The good ones are just not being visible!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I've learnt about Money at the GRS Blog.

According to what I've learnt at the GRS blog, following is what I've already implemented:
1) Stopped using Credit Cards totally.
2) Taken a low interest loan and am going to pay off all high interest loans.
3) Am going to buy only what I need or postpone the purchase for 30 days.

I've learnt the following:

The Debt Snowball
Order the debts in terms of low OS balances as priority, not high interest rate loans as priority. This creates a psychological boost to work towards becoming debt free. Because, one after another low balance OS loans start getting repaid quickly, until only the High amount loans are left.

Creating a Spending Plan:
List down all the debts, fixed expenses, project income, windfalls. Then allot the money towards each one of the expenses. Take into consideration any future expenses like marriage, etc. Plan ahead.

Emergency Fund: I need to have an emergency fund in place. It will help me sleep easier at nights. My emergency fund target is Rs. 50,000/- to start with.

Retirement Fund: I should start saving for retirement. I should be able to invest 6 lakhs per year for retirement.

Automatic Personal Finance: Have automatic debits of fixed bills from my a/c, so that I don't miss out on any one of them and have to pay extra late payment charges.

Every Penny Counts: The power of Compounding interest. Check out this video.


I came across this post on  http://successprofessor.ca/2009/09/07/win-now/
WIN NOW - Stands for: What's Important Now. No Opportunity Wasted.

If I practise WIN NOW daily, I can really WIN NOW. What it means is that I should always be working towards important goals at any given time of the day. Always asking myself WIN - What's important Now? As soon as I am on track to doing things which are important, I should do it in a way that I don't waste any opportunity. So, when I am driving, between batches, meetings, anytime, when I am Free. I should Not Waste Opportunities. This formula really can keep anyone on toes and in the right direction with plenty of growth by way of grabbing every opportunity which can be found.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exercise & fitness

I've learnt that no matter how dull I am feeling or suffering from
head ache, stomach ache or any such thing, if I attend my exercise
session at the gym or at home, I feel much better and fit. Its like,
exercising takes away all the health related issues and makes me Fresh!