Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've learnt that the fact that I have a sense of belongingness towards
someone, to always know that someone belongs to me and I belong to
someone, fulfills my life's emotional needs. Its exactly the opposite
of loneliness. Its not that I am dependent on someone or someone is
dependent on me. It's pure belongingness that is so important in a
loving relationship. It creates a sense of security, a sense of self-
belief, gives inner strength to make the relationship more better and
more loving.


I've never been a good reader. With the help of a special friend, I've
developed the habit of reading since a couple of weeks. I've learnt
that reading a good book gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction, no
matter what mood I am in. I get to learn so much from it, no matter
its fiction or non fiction. Reading is knowledge. Reading is
entertainment. Reading is the best way to pass time. Reading increases
my creativity. Reading excites me. The best thing that has happened to
me since a long time is the interest I've developed in reading.
Reading is an amazing habit and I'm glad I've developed this habit.