Friday, September 18, 2009

Notions, Judgements & Opinions.

I've learnt that with more and more bad experiences with banks,
government organizations and utility companies, my patience threshold
has really gone for a toss. To the extent that I am creating false
judgements and opinions about the good experiences also. I recently
happened to receive my Hypothecation letter from HDFC Bank after I pre-
closed my car loan with them. Without reading the entire document, I
made a judgement that the documents are insufficient for me to go
ahead with the car registration procedures. Then, at a later time, I
actually happened to go through the entire document and to my
surprise, everything needed for the registration process was enclosed
with it. So, what I learnt is that I shouldn't make wrong notions,
judgements or opinions about anyone without going deep into the
matter. Can't believe I have become conditioned to bad experiences.
The good ones are just not being visible!

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